If you know me at all, or if you’ve followed me on social media, you hopefully know that yoga has had a significant impact on my life over the past two years or so. My yoga practice has taught me a multitude of skills and lessons that I may not have otherwise learned.

In the physical realm, my yoga practice has made me more aware of my body movements, of daily stiffness and soreness, and of my range of motion. It taught me how to slow my heart rate with my breath and how to work out tension in different parts of my body.

In the mental realm, my yoga practice has improved everything from anxiety and depression, to my self confidence and self image. It has helped me learn to get grounded and quiet my mind. Yoga also opened the door for me to learn about meditation and the many benefits that practice has to offer.

Emotionally, yoga has helped me find balance and clarity, peace and healing. It has given me space to feel my feelings wholly and humbly. It has helped me learn to acknowledge my feelings and then simply let them pass through my mind, like a gust of wind in the trees.

Last but not least, the spiritual realm. Yoga has helped me reconnect to a Higher Power. A person/thing/energy that’s bigger and higher than myself. Something or someone who has control and understanding. And yoga has helped me not just reconnect to that being, whatever or whoever that might be, but also learn to seek the wisdom and energy that balances and grounds me.

These are just a handful of the gifts that yoga has given me. I’m so thankful for everything that I’ve learned from this practice and even more thankful that no matter how often I do or do not get on my mat, my practice is always there and my mat is always ready to welcome me home. My yoga practice has a way of teaching me something new every time I step foot on my mat.

If anything you’ve read has made you curious and you want to go deeper, I hope you’ll reach out. If not to me, then to another experienced yogi that you trust. Plus, I hope you’ll check back here for updates. I have plans for the days, weeks, and months to come to begin creating some special online accessible offerings for you to experiment with from the comfort of your home. So stay plugged in here for more to come in the future.

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